Gabriel is the co-founder of Authentic Sustainability, co-founder & director of the Byron Fellowship Educational Foundation, a doctoral candidate in Leadership and Sustainability at the Yale Center for Industrial Ecology, and inventor of Human™ Cards. His research, consulting, and teaching focuses on the relationships and possible pathways between micro level flourishing of individuals, flourishing organizations and communities, and at the macro level, a flourishing planet. Gabriel holds an MPhil in Leadership and Sustainability from Yale University, an MS in Ecological Systems Engineering and a BS in Physics from Purdue University. He is also an active sustainability consultant with 14 years of experience whose clients represent a diversity of sectors including: social entrepreneurship, transportation, energy, information and communication technology, commercial and residential development, municipalities, and cultural institutions. His academic, professional and non-profit ventures are committed to the dream of all life flourishing together through people experiencing their life as a calling. His family’s purpose is to powerfully contribute to others. Gabriel leads a variety of sessions at Byron including Authentic Sustainability, envisioning training and the Byron Possibility World Cafe.