Amelia is an experienced dancer, systems thinker, and educator based in Tampa, Florida. Reluctant to choose between art and science, her work unites the two. After her journey as a professional modern dancer and educator, she developed an approach that teaches STEM concepts through movement.

She foundedĀ Mobius to use movement as a powerful transformative tool for groups that range from schoolchildren and at-risk teens to engineers and business executives. Through movement, participants gain a deep understanding of complex ideas, build trust, and discover new ways to collaborate effectively.

Her approach has been presented at the Engineers Without Borders Canada national conference, the Applied Improvisation Network Conference, Bioneers by the Bay and TEDx Jackson Hole. Clients have included the Byron Fellowship Educational Foundation, the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education, the North Dakota STEM Network, the Teton Science Schools in Wyoming, the Rainbow Community School in North Carolina, and the Tampa school district. Amelia loves to witness the creativity and connection that occur when people are given the space to play and reflect together.