Congratulations to Joel Grant (2004 Byron Fellow) and his company, the Garden Tower Project, for raising over $88,000 on Kickstarter to launch the next generation of their Garden Towers!

Upon launching their Kickstarter Campaign, The Garden Tower Project saw $10,577 in pledges in just the first day, and successfully funded their goal of $28,000 with 25 days left to go.

Their latest product, the next generation Garden Tower, is a vertical container garden that generates its own organic fertilizer with kitchen scraps thrown into a central “vermicomposting” tube, resulting in quick high yields, wherever there is light.  This “vermicomposting” technique, which is unique to the Garden Tower itself, enables rapid, healthy, and abundant growth of vegetables, flowers, and herbs with little maintenance and no external inputs such as electricity or special nutrient solutions.

The Bloomington, Indiana based start-up, co-founded by Joel Grant, Ramsay Harik, and Colin Cudmore, hopes to open up gardening possibilities–and thus increase food security–for urban gardeners, community food programs, people living in “food deserts”, and anyone who wishes to boost their own gardening output easily and affordably.

Congrats again to Joel and the Garden Tower team!

For more information, please visit: Garden Tower Project Kickstarter Campaign or The Garden Tower Project Website.