Amelia Terrapin has been a Byron mentor since 2012. She uses the power of movement as a learning tool for understanding life systems and sustainability. In this blog post she shares the vision she crafted during the fellowship to guide her work as an artist and a science teacher and invites readers to craft their own vision through this simple, but powerful story format. She also thanks 2013 fellows for opening up to new ways of experiencing movement and embodying the creative attributes vital for sustainability leadership. Learn more about her work and how it is evolving in Mobius Moves.

A vision story crafted at Byron 2013:

by Amelia Terrapin

Once upon a time, all children in schools everywhere sat in desks.

Everyday, they would go to school to sit upon their hearts and minds, their gifts left undiscovered and unmoved.

One day, a bold and benevolent ninja sorceress came to visit the children.  She gave their desks wings and watched them fly out the windows.  She took off their shoes and socks and invited their bodies and minds and hearts to move together.

Because of that… each child discovered that they had unique and glorious superpowers that would move the world with its’ unfolding.

Because of that… each child went home to give wings to their mom and dad’s desks and watched them fly out the windows.

Because of that… everyone on the planet knew they were an important, creative part of the natural world.

Until finally, the word “work” disappeared, school was the funnest place to be and all life flourished on earth.


A letter to the 2013 Byron Fellows:

Your presence and generosity at Byron 2013 acted as a warm, soothing rain on a little Mobius seed about to sprout.  You allowed me to get a glimpse of the full potential of my contribution to the world, which I always secretly suspected but had no evidence for.

From the first movement exercise we did, I could sense your complete lack of resistance.  I swelled with an almost motherly pride and joy as you played and discovered your own meaning and metaphors. You saw things that I have never seen, did things that I have never done and delighted me with your creative leaps.  Your willingness allowed the expression of 10 years of work to emerge in one glorious, effortless week.

This is what we can do for each other: validate and amplify each other’s gifts and turn them into something even more than we can individually imagine.  Thanks to each one of you for creating and holding an open, resonant space for us all to step into.  Here’s to each of us being that open, resonant space in our daily lives.  Until we meet again… Love, Amelia.