Charles is a media entrepreneur and consultant, author, executive trainer, documentary film producer, and co-founder of Broken English Productions in New York City. His non-fiction projects air on PBS and HBO and have won Sundance, Academy Award, and Human Rights awards. His work explores critical issues including education reform, gay rights, and civil justice. At the Yale Law School, Vogl was a co-founder of the Yale Visual Law Project. Charles serves on the Executive Producing team for the EG Conference, a New York Times-recognized top conference of and for innovators in media, technology, entertainment and education.  In his 20s, Charles lived and volunteered in a radical homeless shelter and trained volunteers and staff in a New York 9-11 Disaster Center. He is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who served in northern Zambia. Within one year he also survived a plane crash, a spitting cobra attack, and acute malaria. Charles has a B.S. from the University of Southern California Annenberg School and a M. Div. from Yale University where he was named a Jesse Ball DuPont Foundation Scholar.