Amy O’Shea, 2011 Byron Fellowship alumni, recently founded a startup called Bright Books which aims to alleviate energy poverty through social enterprise. Amy is seeking your support for Bright Books’ Indiegogo Generosity Campaign. Bright Books sells high-quality, stylish hard-cover journals that give back to those in need. For every pair of journals purchased, one solar light will be donated to a child without adequate access to electricity. To date, more than 120 lights have already been donated to school children in rural Uganda. Bright Books’ mission is to provide quality journals built to last while providing a little brightness to those in need. Their vision is to help alleviate energy poverty. By creating a sustainable source of funding for personal lights through sales, Bright Books aims to make a lasting positive impact in the lives of kids across the globe. Watch the full story here.

Nearly 1.2 billion people lack access to electricity. In the absence of electricity or solar, many people use kerosene lamps or candles, which are unsustainable, dangerous, and very expensive. With many children among this group, Bright Books has a lot of work to do. Through partnerships with non-profits, Bright Books has also vowed to donate responsibly and do their best to ensure light donations do not disrupt normally functioning economies. They also plan to fund larger distributed generation electricity projects in areas of need. Replacing kerosene with renewable lighting is a win-win-win for the environment, health and the economy.

Where to Buy

The perks to donating to our campaign are journals! Journals are already in the process of manufacturing and will be shipped to us by the end of January, and to you shortly after. Check out the Indiegogo Generosity Campaign page. After you place an order, you will receive a certificate of purchase to give as a gift. In January, you will also receive an email to: 1) get your color choice for your journal (blush, pewter or royal blue), and 2) confirm your shipping address. With your help, Bright Books can get their online store up and running, and products on shelves all over the US! Thank you for considering supporting this worthy cause!