I have always questioned why the world is not perfect. Why people live on less than a dollar a day and others have all they want. As a Christian, I have come to understand that God has put each of us on this earth to relieve the pains and the sufferings of others through our words and resources available to us. Grace Amponsah is a Dalai Lama Fellow, a MasterCard Foundation scholar and a recent graduate of Ashesi University College in Berekuso Ghana with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Grace is passionate about Youth Development, Entrepreneurship and Girls Empowerment. She has volunteered her time on various projects such as LEAP Africa, an organization aimed at uplifting the standards of rural education, TEDXSpintex Women bringing mentors to inspire women in Ghana and Power2Girls whose vision is to build girls to own their future. Presently, she is the Founder and CEO of A New Dawn, an organization that promotes the education and entrepreneurial development of underprivileged girls in Ghana. During her free time, Grace loves to sing, dance, dialogue on issues important to her, mentor young girls and enjoy a good laugh with friends.