SungHee is committed to alleviating global poverty through sustainable development and international cooperation, and positively contributing to the equitable growth of society by shedding light on, and empowering, those who are most often ignored. SungHee is currently doing a double-degree Masters’ program at Peking University, China and London School of Economics, England where she focuses her studies around sustainable development and public policy. SungHee co-founded Bean Voyage in her last year of college, which is an organization that works to empower women coffee farmers in Costa Rica and Nepal and promote a fairer trade of coffee. She was invited to Clinton Global Initiative conference in 2016 to connect and collaborate with other social entrepreneurs as a co-founder of Bean Voyage. In 2014, SungHee attended the HOPE XXL Youth Conference at The Hague as the Youth Representative of South Korea, where she collaborated with other representatives on projects and initiatives in support of HOPE XXL’s mission: creating a world where everyone can grade their lives at least 8/10.