As a young girl, 2016 Byron fellow Grace Amponsah was blessed. Her parents were keen in helping her succeed in school by making sure that she had the necessary educational materials and a conducive environment to study. Even though they were low income earners and did not attain a good education, they always made sure that Grace stayed in school. In circumstances where her parents could not afford books, Grace had friends in her class who could easily lend her books because the majority of them had textbooks.

Moving to Berekuso for college, Grace realized something completely different which brought tears to her eyes. In this community, the majority of parents prioritized social events over education and the few who did prioritize textbooks for their children could not afford them.

In her junior year at college, Grace founded a program, A New Dawn to prepare girls to realize their dreams with a focus on education, sexual health and entrepreneurship. As part of their entrepreneurship program, the girls who attended saw the need to create a serene space for Berekuso school children to get access to books and read. Children in Berekuso want to learn and read but they do not have access to the textbooks. This results in a drastic failure in examinations

To curb this problem, Grace and her colleagues are preparing a space where school children between the ages 12 to 20 can get access to textbooks to adequately prepare for exam and to broaden their knowledge. Thanks to Dalai Lama Fellows and the Berekuso Community they have completed part of the project. However, they need to complete this Library to enable students have access to books that they cannot afford.

If you are able to donate towards this worthy cause, then you can do so here.