Past Participant Reflections

Riding the Uncertainty Wave

By Sunghee Tark (2015 Byron Fellow) My summer before Byron was like a calm sky before a storm. I was calm on the outside, but I was nervous, insecure and vulnerable on the inside. I was about to start my last year of college and had just returned from studying abroad...

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This is It—It has Started

It is irrational to dream. A vision must move through ‘what-ifs’ and worries if it is to become tangible. When envisioning, a leap must be taken, a leap past rationality and into a firm faith that a different future is possible. This leap starts with me. With my way of being…

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An Ongoing Story

By David Ward (2014 Byron Fellow) As I sat on the plane flying over the east coast of America on my way back to England in the Summer of 2014, I was on a high. I had just spent a week at the Byron Fellowship, where I met inspirational people from all over the world...

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From Fear to Freedom on the Path of No Return

The valley I returned to is the city of St. Louis in the wake of Ferguson, with its coldly warring factions of shouts and silence seemingly as opposed to each other as fire and water. My own sense of change is fleeting at the best of times. But those dreams that took flight at Byron flutter back to visit me when I need them the most…

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A Transformed State of Being: Reflections on the Byron Experience

I knew that there was something magical about the Byron Fellowship from my very first evening as a mentor five years ago. I drove in from Louisville, and had another commitment that afternoon, so I arrived after dark. The participants were gathered around a picnic table a few hundred feet away from the cabins, introducing one another by the flickering light of a campfire. As I listened around the table, it became obvious that these were some of the most remarkable young people I had encountered in my nearly 30 years of experience as a teacher and mentor…

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Reflections on the Byron Fellowship, 5 Years Later

I was on the cusp of finishing an Associates Degree in Design Technology as a non-traditional student. I was co-parenting my young son with my ex-wife. I was living in a small home that I had built myself of earth, straw bales, and salvaged materials, and I had begun transitioning professions from driving nails to drawing floor plans. I was on the fence about what to do after finishing my Associates Degree. Sometimes, I wanted to continue on in academia, study architecture “for real”, and pursue obtaining my architectural license. Other times, I thought about returning to former employers and work that did not really satisfy me but was safe.

Hopefully Byron would help me find the answer that I so greatly desired….

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The Power of a Renewed Mind

by Jasmine Hamilton (2014 Byron Fellow)  The culture of Byron, which I experienced as imagination, enthusiasm and openness, encouraged me to freely share some of my aspirations and challenges as a scientist. I remember sharing my struggles with accepting the current...

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A Journey of Self-Discovery

by David Ward (2014 Byron Fellow) As I stood by the pick-up point at Indianapolis airport, my mind was buzzing with nerves and apprehensions. Questions existed that had no answers; why was I there? what was I about to do? why was I doing it? I wanted answers and...

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