Byron Fellowship is a transformational experience and a community of generative leaders co-creating a flourishing world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve a renaissance in the health of human and natural communities.

Our Fellows

Emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, making a difference around the world.

Our Mentors

A collection of academic teachers, active practitioners, and community leaders.

Fellow Reflections

Riding the Uncertainty Wave

By Sunghee Tark (2015 Byron Fellow) My summer before Byron was like a calm sky before a storm. I was calm on the outside, but I was nervous, insecure and vulnerable on the inside. I was about to start my last year of college and had just returned...
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Vision and Vulnerability: Reflections of a 2015 Byron Fellow

By Michaela Cisney (2015 Byron Fellow) and Jasmine Hamilton (2014 Byron Fellow) “The Byron Fellowship has transformed my life in lasting ways”, reflects Michaela Cisney, 2015 Byron Fellow and founder of Priyam Global, an international nonprofit...
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This is It—It has Started

By Laura Rose Masko Gibson I showed up at Byron a few weeks before starting a new role in an old workplace.  I had manifested a full-time Theatre teaching job—with middle schoolers, nonetheless.  I was full of ideas and visions, but was afraid that...
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An Ongoing Story

By David Ward (2014 Byron Fellow) As I sat on the plane flying over the east coast of America on my way back to England in the Summer of 2014, I was on a high. I had just spent a week at the Byron Fellowship, where I met inspirational people from...
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From Fear to Freedom on the Path of No Return

By John Harrison (2015 Byron Fellow) One of the main assertions that shaped our Byron Fellowship is the idea that power, rather than being measured in leverage or coercion, can be measured in effective conversations. A second and related premise is...
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News & Announcements

Book Release: Breaking Through Gridlock

When was the last time you tried to talk with someone about political, social, or environmental issues who didn’t already agree with you. How well did it go? Breaking Through Gridlock: The Power of Conversation in a Polarized World, authored by our...
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Climate salvation will be collective

Minister, PhD student and Byron Alumni Abby Mohaupt is a member of the Sojourners. Together with Aric Clark she looks at the biblical basis to climate salvation. They conclude that climate salvation must be collective in this very interesting...
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Byron Alumni testifies against senate bill.

On Wednesday 22nd March, Director of Sustainability at Prosperity Indiana and former Byron Fellow Allyson Pumphrey Mitchell testified in front of the House Utilities, Energy & Telecom committee meeting at Indiana General Assembly. Allyson...
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Berekuso Library Project

As a young girl, 2016 Byron fellow Grace Amponsah was blessed. Her parents were keen in helping her succeed in school by making sure that she had the necessary educational materials and a conducive environment to study. Even though they were low...
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Byron Alumni Recognized in Kazakhstan

Byron alumni Parkhat Yussupjanov participated in the 2010 Byron Fellowship. Shortly after completing the fellowship he returned to his home country of Kazakhstan, where he was elected as president of “ZHIGER - Youth organization persons with...
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