The mission of the Byron Fellowship is to activate emerging leaders, engaging their unique abilities to cultivate generative efforts within their own communities.

Our vision is to achieve a renaissance in the health of human and natural communities.

Our Living Values

Byron Fellowship is guided by what we refer to as our living values. These values are co-created, explored, embodied, and continually evolve during each program.


Being and acting consistent with the world one wants to create in all aspects of ones life.


Experiencing and expressing love, (e.g., love of the whole, each other, our own self, life, creation, God) especially in the midst of challenging or unpleasant conditions.


Acknowledging all that we don’t know and can never know.


Confidence to speak or act in spite of discomfort.


Freedom and willingness to step into the unknown.


Inquiring deeply into our selves, our world, and the divine.

Integrity & Trust

Honoring one’s word, and cultivating trust beyond that which we even believe is necessary or called for.


Taking action consistent with how we can best serve: the whole, our community, and each other.


Contributing toward something larger than oneself such that the contribution of the whole can be far greater than the sum of its parts.


Acknowledging the impact and opportunity of every action or inaction.


Exercising the creative, restorative, and intimacy building power of play.

Compassion & Empathy

Seeking to understand the thoughts and feelings of others.


Creating the conditions for something to emerge beyond that which we can effect.


Openness and exploration of new perspectives and possibilities.


Stretch beyond the outer edge of your comfort zone and abilities, letting go of existing ways of being, doing, and knowing and opening up for something new.


Expressing one’s own unique voice, speaking from one’s heart, and sharing oneself fully with others.

Our History

The Byron Fellowship Educational Foundation is an Indiana based 501c3 non-profit organization established in 2004 by Mark Boyce and Gabriel Grant who continue to support the fellowship and participate as mentors today.

The Byron Fellowship is named after the 19th century community located near Turkey Run State Park in Parke County, Indiana – in appropriate irony, the Village of Byron no longer exists except on road maps. The term Fellowship denotes participation in a community of shared interests.

The first twelve programs took place, typically in May, at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana.  In 2014, we added an additional August Byron Fellowship program at Warren Wilson College near Asheville, North Carolina. The Asheville, NC August Fellowship is the now the sole program offered each year.

Support for Byron Fellowship

Support for Byron Fellowship is largely provided by the volunteer efforts of our program mentors, past participants, and financial donors. If you would like to become involved in supporting Byron Fellowship, please send us an email or contribute by making a tax-deductible donation below.