Heather Rivard is Webmaster for the Byron Fellowship, a 2011 Byron Fellow, a freelance programmer, and most passionately: a writer and thinker about the future of creation and community in America. You can read her thoughts, listen to her conversations, and check out some hastily drawn picture books at www.rosiechild.com. Heather believes that a well lived human life orbits around two loci:  1) Creation – Make something that matters. Paint, sing, cook dinner, start a company, rake leaves, found a non profit, send a thoughtful email, do something that scares you, shift the universe. In the word’s of a friend: be a localized entropy reduction machine. 2) Community – Spend time with the people you love. Throw a potluck, a dinner party, a block party, start poker night, go to church on Wednesday night, run into friends at the grocery, call your parents on Sunday. Connect to others.