Laura is committed to providing an engaging, interdisciplinary education to her students around the arts and issues of social justice. She currently is head of the Arts Department at the innovative Stanley British Primary School in Denver, CO, teaching middle school theatre, and acting as a social-emotional advisor to her own homeroom of students. Laura also started what has become an annual trip to Uganda (where she used to live and work), immersing students and teachers in a local community, where together they partner to study anti-colonial, anti-racist, dialogue-building curriculum. In addition to teaching, Laura plays keys and sings in two bands: Koffi Togo Vibe and One Way Ride—both involved in local community efforts in getting the message out that the Arts are for everyone! Laura got her B.A. in Sociology and Music from Whitman College, as well as her M.A. in Education from University of Colorado Denver. Check out for her blog.